• November / 30 / 2016

Whiskies to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day this year.

Discover new brands and sample incredible whiskies this St.Andrew’s Day.

There are few spirits around the world which are as revered as whisky, or which take as much time to come to full maturity. But the craft of making whisky is now a global one, with distilleries popping up across the world.

Here is our guide to a few whiskies to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day this year.

Cask Islay – £35.00

Our favourite ‘everyday’ Islay dram here at Whisky Fix HQ. Non chill filtered and bottled at 46%, it has all the warm, medicinal and smoky properties that are a perfect refection of the finest that Islay has to offer.

Highland Park 18 Year Old – £105.00

Considered by many whisky writers accross the globe as the indusry’s favorite whisky, Highland Park 18 year old Whisky is a masterclass of balance, complexity and refinement.

Dating back to 1798, this is a classic single malt: wonderfully complex, with a honeyed sweetness and sherry spice, along with an abundance of soft, aromatic smoke.

Suntory Hibiki Harmony – £48.00

The Hibiki Japanese Harmony is the epitome of the Hibiki blend. Subtle, noble and harmonious, Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a perfect introduction to japanese whisky and the award winning house of Suntory.

This combines complex single malt whiskies, aged in a variety of casks, blended with sweeter, lighter grain whiskies. The result is fruity and floral, with notes of Japanese incense, citrus and faint smoke


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