• November / 23 / 2022

Does Your Whisky Glass Make A Difference? 

You might think all whisky glasses are created equal, but that’s not the case. The shape of your glass can impact the taste of your Whisky. Using the right whisky glass can completely alter the taste of the Whisky you are savouring, so you must choose the right one. 

However, it does need to be said if you are enjoying Whisky because you like it as an evening drink but do not want to enjoy it in a way a whisky taster would, you choose whichever glass you wish. 

Having provided clients with Whisky up and down the UK for several years, we offer a range of whiskies to suit every taste profile. We also have a wide selection of whisky glasses so that you can choose the right one for your Whisky. 

Read our latest blog post to find out everything you need to know about your whisky glass choices, and if you have any questions or queries, be sure to reach out to our team; we are happy to help!

Why Should You Buy A Whisky Glass?

There are many different whisky glasses on the market, each with its unique style and design. But does it matter which glass you choose to drink your Whisky from?

The simple answer is yes! The shape of your whisky glass can significantly affect the taste and aroma of your Whisky, so you must choose the right glass. For example, if you were drinking Champagne, you would always choose to serve that in a Champagne flute, so serving Whisky in a Whisky glass is just as important. Also, if you enjoy your Whisky for an end-of-week drink or use it as part of a celebration, using a high-quality glass will add to the occasion. 

Further to that, not only will it enhance the occasion, but a properly chosen Whisky glass can undoubtedly enhance the experience of drinking Whisky; with three main areas to consider such as; nose, palate and finish, you can savour each one with the correct Whisky glass.  

The nose, or the aroma of the Whisky, is an important area to focus on as it can indicate the flavour profile. For instance, if you’re served a whisky with a lot of smoke in the nose, it will likely be a peaty whisky from Islay. To enjoy the smells and aromas of the Whisky, you need a glass that focuses on the volatile elements around the top of the glass; this will allow you the chance to breathe the Whisky in before you taste it. 

You should buy a Whisky glass based on its shape and the design chosen for the glass; it can truly make the experience of savouring Whisky a unique experience. 

What Are The Top Five Whisky Glasses? 

Old Fashioned Tumbler

One of the most famous whisky glasses on the market, and more often than not found in the homes of any whisky drinker, these glasses are incredibly versatile. Due to the size of this glass, it is perfect for having whisky on the rocks or a large pour, depending on your preferences. Not only that, as the name suggests, it is perfect for the cocktail Old Fashioned. 

Islay Tumbler

This tumbler is a heavy bottom glass, offering a feeling of grandeur to anyone drinking whisky out of one; it enhances the experience. The narrow top of this type of glass allows the aromas of the whisky to travel out of the glass, ideally towards your nose, allowing you to breathe in the smell of the whisky and providing you with a rounded tasting experience. 

Glencairn Whisky Glass

Without a doubt, one of the most famous whisky glasses to be on the market is the Glencairn; it is the hallmark of whisky glasses; if you go to a tasting event or an organised whisky event, you will always come across this glass. This glass has been specifically designed to give you the most rounded whisky-drinking experience, from seeing the colours, catching the aromas and enjoying drinking. 

With a sturdy bottom, this glass is ideal for whisky drinkers who want to enjoy the aromas and the taste of whisky; it is for more than just having a tipple at the end of the day. 


The shape and body of this glass are similar to the Glencairn; it has a wide belly and a narrowing top; this is another whisky glass designed to focus in-depth on the aromas and smells your nose can produce pick up. The long stem allows the drinker to control the glass better, perfect for swirling the whisky around the glass bowl, letting the fragrances escape. 

This glass is ideal for having a neat dram or enjoying multiple whiskies during a tasting. 

Choose Oban Whisky And Fine Wines For Glassware Today!

So, what’s the verdict? Does your whisky glass make a difference? The answer is most definitely yes! Different glasses produce different aromas and flavours in the Whisky. If you want to get the most out of your dram, it’s essential to use the right glass. 

If you are an avid whisky drinker investing in a whisky glass is the right thing to do, but make sure you do your research first; the type of glass you buy should always be determined by how you enjoy your whisky. 

Oban Whisky And Fine Wines have all sorts of glasses to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your palate. Contact us today to learn more about our selection or place an order for new whisky glasses! Not only that, but you will have access to some of the most exclusive Whiskies from around the world, place an order today and receive quick and efficient delivery on all the whiskies we have in stock!


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