• January / 12 / 2017

West Coast Whisky Feis

The resort town of Oban, home to one of Scotland’s most venerated distilleries, is to be the location for a new whisky festival celebrating the water of life.

The West Coast Whisky Feis will take place in July of this year, and is the brainchild of Oban Whisky and Fine Wines, a local retailer of the spirit.
Euan Finlayson, the owner of Oban Whisky and Fine Wines, said, “we wanted to create an event that shows off the incredible whiskies that the west coast has to offer. The aim is to offer a range of whiskies and masterclasses that can appeal to newcomers and aficionados alike.”

The main venue for the event will be Skipinnish Ceilidh House. This will have exhibits from distillers that are based all along the west coast of Scotland. Ticket holders will be given their own dram glass and will be able to take samples from all of the exhibitors who are present. Water will be available to allow people to cleanse their palates between tasting and there will also be spittoons to allow attendees to try the different whiskies without ending up too worse for wear.

In addition, Oban Distillery will be holding masterclasses in their own premises. These will be based around their world famous Talisker, Lagavulin and Caol Ila whiskies. The other exhibitors will almost certainly be happy to have a chat about their produce as well.

Local food producers will be selling their wares in the Ceilidh House should anyone get a bit peckish after a few drams. There will also be a nosing competition where attendees can attempt to identify various whiskies by smell alone. The entrant who is closest to being correct will win themselves a bottle of single malt whisky.

There will be a Feis shop in the Ceilidh House where attendees can pick up a bottle of whichever whiskies took their fancy during their sampling session. Subsidised delivery will be available for people who don’t want to have to lug bottles around with them after they leave.

The Ceilidh House will be open from 12pm to 6pm on 22nd of July 2017. There are likely to be other supporting events during the day which will be announced via the event’s Twitter and Facebook feeds closer to the time. Samples are included in the event ticket price and masterclasses are available for an additional fee.


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