• February / 9 / 2022

The Continuing Demand for Macallan Whisky as a Long Term Investment

There are countless different options you could consider for investment opportunities. However, one investment that you likely haven’t thought about before is the opportunity presented by Macallan whisky. With this in mind, today we’ll be looking at what Macallan whisky is and how this might present a valuable long-term investment for your own investing needs.

What is Macallan Whisky? 

When it comes to premium quality whisky, very few bottles can rival the quality and purity of the Macallan Whisky brand. Indeed, as one of the most renowned premium whisky distilleries, the Macallan Distillery has developed a reputation and name for its products’ quality and unwavering character. This exceptional standard has given it an incomparable value, too. Hence, more and more people consider Macallan Whisky as an investment opportunity.

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A Brief History of the Macallan Distillery,

The Macallan Distillery is located in Craigellachie, Moray, Scotland, and specialises in supplying small batches of premium, slow-matured products. 

The Macallan Distillery has a rich and diverse history. Alexander Reid founded the Distillery almost two centuries ago in 1824, and the Distillery has continued to grow from strength to strength in that time. This continual success and progress further support the potential for Macallan Whisky as an investment opportunity – so long as it’s properly stored, that is.

The Different Types of Macallan Whisky

Through its traditional recipes, the Macallan Distillery has also invested in several new distilling recipes and strategies. For example, in 2004, the brand introduced its new Fine Oak series. Meanwhile, in 2018, this was renamed the Triple Cask Matured range. This willingness to change ensures a diverse and more secure future for the Macallan Distillery, along with its excellent reputation.

These contribute a unique palette to scotch whisky, making it some of the most popular scotch whisky in the world. Macallan Whisky is only rivalled in popularity by the Glenlivet and Glenfiddich single-malt scotch whisky brands. As such, if it’s top-quality whisky you’ve been looking for, the Macallan whisky range might be just what you need.

The Distillery has a total of 12 wash stills and 24 spirit stills, and it sells its single malt whisky between 12 and 78 years of age. The most common remains those bottles matured for 12 years; however, a small number of longer-matured whisky selections are occasionally available.

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How Macallan Whisky Can Offer Long-Term Investment Opportunities

If you have been looking for a new investment opportunity, there could be potential when it comes to Macallan Whisky. Indeed, we’ve already outlined that the Macallan single malt whisky range is one of the most popular and highest-selling varieties – and this immediately stands it in good stead as an option to consider. Meanwhile, the continuing growth in good whisky investments has helped drive the price of whisky higher than before. As we look forwards to a post-Covid world, this may be a trend that continues to accelerate.

What sort of prices could you achieve for top-quality, ideally stored Macallan whisky? Well, just to whet the appetite, February saw a 1926 bottle of premium Macallan whisky sell for a staggering $1 million.

Meanwhile, it’s not just Macallan whisky that is becoming more popular; in fact, an August auction saw a Japanese Yamazaki, aged 55 years, achieve a massive $800,000.

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Could Now be the Time to Invest?

Since the Macallan Distillery primarily sells its whisky at 12 years of maturity, getting hold of the older bottles can be a little tricky. And, considering that rare whisky has grown five-fold within the last decade alone, this could represent an exciting investment opportunity. 

Plus, in line with the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent dips across the entire economy, the prices of fine whisky have fallen since 2020. So, while it may be a little while before you see a return – it’s not likely to be a short-term investment – there’s rarely been a better time recently to buy fine whisky as a long-term investment opportunity. 

Of course, there is no guarantee that you’ll see a return from any investment. The same is true when investing in Macallan whisky. Still, if stored properly, fine whisky and wines tend to be the types of investments that hold their value well and increase steadily. 

As such, if you have the facilities to dedicate to storing a bottle of fine Macallan whisky, this may be an investment opportunity to consider. However, improper storage could destroy the quality of the whisky over the years; hence, we cannot stress the importance of optimising your whisky storage long before sourcing the whisky itself if you choose to go down this route.

Discover More About Investing in Macallan Whisky Today 

If you’re ready to learn more about the potential that Macallan whisky can offer and why this might be an intriguing investment opportunity for your needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team today.  Whisky Fix offers a vast range of fantastic products from around the world; contact our first-class team today for more information on the investment opportunity of Macallan Whisky. 


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