• August / 6 / 2022

Incoming! Learn all about the brand new Finn Thomson whisky range

Creating Finn Thomson Whiskies has been a journey of discovery and delight for Finn and his family: sifting through forgotten photographs; pouring over meticulous minutes; hunting down leads in the Scottish National Library; even scouring the glens of Perthshire on foot to source the original site of the family distillery at Grandtully.

With each turn of a page and bend in the path the Thomson story has become more layered. He wanted to recreate that experience in the bottle itself. The difference between looking and seeing.

Imagine looking after a cask. Imagine waiting. Watching. Calculating and carefully measuring the right moment to halt maturation. Will a few more months ripen or might they ravage?

Imagine the moment when Finn decides that the whisky has reached its prime. The barrel is opened and its contents unlocked forever. They call this moment uncasking and he wants you to share that experience.

That’s why all their packaging is designed to evoke uncasking. Across our range they have turned the metaphorical cask inside out, with the outer boxes representing its charred interior. Cocooned inside is the whisky waiting to be released, by popping, twisting or prying, and yield its treasure.

Nine generations have formed Finn Thomson Whisky, so it is only appropriate that they shape the product itself.

The packaging across the ranges, Crown, Rare and Core, are constructed as nine-sided nonagons; a side for each chapter in the Thomson whisky story. They come together like staves in a cask to encase the whisky; a sum greater than its individual parts.

His bespoke bottle also has nine sides, each catching the light slightly differently and making the liquid inside glitter and refract. They taper together at the base of the bottle to create the shape of a sunburst, a nod to the sunset in the Cairngorms that saw Andrew Thomson, his son Finn and daughter Sorcha resolve to ignite the Thomson whisky enterprise once again.


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