• March / 31 / 2022

Grand Vins d’Alsace – Gustave Lorentz

The story of the Lorentz family’s shared love of wine, the
most beautiful of ardours, begins in Bergheim in 1836. Over
the generations they have striven to spotlight the unique
geology of their terroirs in the heart of Alsace vineyards while
preserving the singular expression of each grape variety.
By building on a foundation of excellence, Charles Lorentz
succeeded in bringing this extraordinary heritage to fruition.
Work, determination and audacity placed the wines of this
notable house on the most prestigious tables in France and
overseas. Today, it is Georges who is the sixth generation and
son of Charles, who holds the reins of the family business. In
the future, he can count on his three daughters to pursue the
family tradition.
Driven by this passion for wine, our wine house naturally turned towards
organic wines. Since 2009 we have reverently worked the 33 ha estate
by helping each grape variety adapt to its terroir. The grapes harvested
from these vines are therefore propitious to making great wines with
strong personalities. And this constant desire to improve quality has no
limits; it guarantees that each vine, each vintage and each vineyard plot
is treated with the highest expectation in the winery.
In order to elaborate exceptional wines, we have invested in a brand new
high-performance production tool. The new winery has been designed
to equal the quality of our exertions in the vineyards. This resource is at
the cutting edge of technology; covering an area of 5000 m², it houses
75 stainless-steel tanks, a barrel store and 25 tuns of around 100 years
of age that we maintain with pride!
Gustave Lorentz generates 50% of its sales through export and can boast
of being present in over 60 countries throughout the world. You can also
find us in First Class and Business Class of many airlines like Air France,
Emirates, Japan Airlines, Qatar Airways… The growing presence of our
wines in the most prestigious restaurants is a rewarding indicator.
See the full range from Gustave Lorentz below.

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