35 Year Old Single Cask Karuizawa

1981 Karuizawa Release

An ultra rare Karuizawa that has just been released in December 2018. Distilled in 1981 and bottled in 2017 from a single sherry cask. Only very few bottles of this whisky have been made available to retail, meaning this is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire such a coveted bottle of whisky.

Karuizawa Japanese whisky ranks alongside Macallan as the most desirable whisky for collectors and drinkers alike. What sets Karuizawa apart, is the fact it was Japan’s smallest distillery until its destruction in the year 2000. Famed for it’s high quality sherry cask matured whisky, there are very few bottles remaing on the open market.

This bottling of 35 year old Karuizawa from a single sherry cask (#6183) is likely one of the last bottlings to hit the open market. The cask itself was acquired by a private collector and shared amongst friends before relinquishing the last remaining bottles to Scottish retail.

Only 486 bottles of this Karuizawa have been produced.

Available at Whiskyfix.com

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5 Best Scotch Whiskies to Buy in 2022

There is always something for everyone. As diverse as the world of whisky is, here is a list
of the finest Scotland’s spirit to suit your budget, tastes and preference. Included herein, are
the reviews on tasting notes and key information on why each dram should be among your
best buys in 2022.

This is probably one of your must have drams in 2022. Aged in the finest blend of Oloroso
and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks for over two decades, Glendronach 21-Year-Old scotch
starts off with a sweet and fruity sherry nose. The ‘Parliament’ is non chill filtered and of
natural colour.

Bottled at 48% ABV you would expect alcohol burns but, this single malt is not overly
resinous. It is oaky in a controlled manner and evolves in layers of fruit and sweet allowing
you to take it neat, on the rocks or have it with a splash of water. Either way, it retains the
integrity of a whole, full and round whisky with its medium-long finish. For the price, this is
a steal! Try it!

This is a remarkable expression for those with an acquired taste for the finest and the richest.
It is truly herbal to the nose, oily, fruity, oaky and smoky on the palate. The wafts of light oak
cascades into gloriously rich oak spice giving it the elegantly smooth Mortlach mix of
fullness, chocolate and herbs in official bottling.

With notes of orange, dark chocolate, sultanas, pepper and prunes, The Mortlach 25-year-old
scotch has been matured in a combination of first sherry fill and American refill oak casks for

a quarter century to give you an endearing palate experience. Best believe, it is a perfect mate
that pairs well with the finest cigars!

For a reasonably priced option, search no further than The Lindores Abbey first single malt.
This woody coloured scotch was primarily aged in a combination of ex-bourbon, ex-sherry
and STR red wine barriques from Burgundy.

It features light and fruity nasal feels, oily texture with a few harsh undertones and a short
peppery oak finish with a pinch of vanilla. Being three and a half years old, Lindores single
malt whisky is a simple, light and pleasant whisky. A perfect selection for your everyday

Ardbeg distillery makes highly demanded whisky series. This sublime third batch is their
latest expression inspired by Islay’s Traigh Bhan beach.

Matured in American oak and Oloroso sherry casks, The 19-year-old single malt scotch
bubbles with deep flavour profiles with the rich Ardbeg intensity. Traigh Bhan 19-Year-Old
single malt Scotch whisky is characterised by sappy textures, classic sweet smokiness and a
long almond and cloves finish. It is diverse enough for you to throw in a cube or take it neat!

Matured between the Highlands and Isles, Oban’s distillery matured this 12-years-old well-
balanced scotch from freshly charred American oak casks. As the alcohol burns off from your
tongue; salty, oily, charred and sweet flavour notes open your eyes to the pleasures of fine

The Oban 12-year-old special release 2021 tells its tale of light and dark through the heavy
Oban character tampered with the sweet orange briskness. Taking it with water adds to its
saltiness. It is absolutely phenomenal!

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Three whiskies from one of Speyside_s versatile distilleries.

A trio of Benriach

1. Benriach 1994 Peated Single Cask Whisky – This UK exclusive limited release captures the unique Benriach character perfectly. Individually hand numbered, non chill filtered and bottled at cask strength, each single cask is truly a one-off.

Bottled from bourbon cask number #2859, this 22 year old peated Benromach was distilled on 15/07/1994 and bottled November 2016.

2. Benriach 22 Year Old Dark Rum Finish – A one-off release by Benriach Distillery, this has been initially matured in ex-bourbon casks and subsequently finished in Jamaican dark rum casks.

Nose: Vanilla, wood polish, coconut and milk chocolate.

Palate: Mollasses, figs, butterscotch and citrus fruits.

Finish: Sweet with hints of spicy oak.

3. Benriach 1997 Dark Rum Single Cask – This UK exclusive limited release captures the unique Benriach character perfectly. Individually hand numbered, non chill filtered and bottled at cask strength, each single cask is truly a one-off.

Bottled from cask number #8634, this 19 year old dark rum matured Benromach was distilled on 04/07/1997 and bottled November 2016.

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Aloe Tree

Aloe Tree – Wine Producer Profile

Producer Profile

The fruit for Aloe Tree hails from the increasingly fashionable west coast of the Cape.

Cool nights and sea breezes combine to extend the growing season, resulting in perfectly balanced, ripe grapes. The iconic Aloe Tree image is sure to be familiar to anyone who has travelled widely through the Cape and is an important part of the biodiversity which South Africa is famous for. The characteristic silhouette provides a backdrop to one of the most spectacular wine regions in the world where wines grow in harmony with the thousands of plant species that make up the Cape Floral Kingdom.


Chenin blanc is well adapted for various soil types, but their premium grapes are grown on medium to lower potential soils. Yield levels are limited by winter pruning and by removing shoots and leaving two or three shoots per spur during early spring. Canopy management is required as it plays a major role in yield and quality to ensure an optimum microclimate within the canopy. With its vigorous growth, medium-sized trellises are required and shoot positioning are done to maximize canopy surface. Grapes are harvested at a minimum of 21.5°Brix, but we aim for 22°Brix.


Once the Chenin Blanc grapes are harvested, they arrive at the winery where the fruit is gently pressed and only the free run juice is used. Using selected yeasts the juice then undergoes cold fermentation at 14 degrees Celsius for 2 weeks before lying on the lees for 3 months.

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Peat and Love

Ardbeg ‘Grooves’

The 2018 Feis Ile Release from Ardbeg has been now been released to the masses. It has been laid down in intensley charred wine casks producing heavy grooves on the surface of the wood. Ardbeg Grooves is a one-off release to celebrate Ardbeg Day so to get a bottle you’ll need to get your groove on.

Nose: Smoked cinnamon and paprika, antique leather, tar, sea spray and mint.

Palate: Salted fruits, soot, tar, mustard spice and smoky bbq.

Finish: Mellow sweetness and distant bonfires.

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Ardbeg 8 Year Old Committee Release

Ardbeg 8 Years Old is a big, youthful, deliberately challenging whisky that we think our smoke-loving, insanely committed Committee Members will go wild for.

Unmistakeable smoky intensity. Charcoal and creosote. Curious hints of fennel and celery mixed with woodsmoke… Ardbeg 8 Years Old is guaranteed to provoke discussion.

Only available online, and only available to Committee Members, this bottling is pretty rare too… Buy, try and discuss the dram on social media using #Ardbeg8ForDiscussion. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Available exclusively to Committee Members. Sign up at www.ardbeg.com

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Expert hails Distillery’s new permanent release

Ardbeg An Oa is “beautifully delicious”

World whisky authority Jim Murray has given Ardbeg’s newest permanent expression an emphatic seal of approval. In his 2018 Whisky Bible, he lauds Ardbeg An Oa as “beautifully delicious”, awarding the expression 95.5 points out of a possible 100. Murray also heaps praise on other permanent expressions from the Islay Distillery, hailing Ardbeg Corryvreckan as a category winner.

Smoky, sweet and singularly rounded, Ardbeg An Oa is the first new permanent expression to emerge from Ardbeg for almost a decade. Released from September 2017, it is inspired by the Mull of Oa – the most untamed part of The Ultimate Islay Malt’s remote Scottish island home – and is uniquely created in Ardbeg’s Gathering Vat. There, parcels of whisky which include the richness of spirit matured in Pedro Ximénez casks, the spice of a parcel aged in virgin oak, and all the hallmark intensity of Ardbeg matured in ex-bourbon barrels, come together to form an single malt far more complex and rounded than the sum of its parts.

In the latest edition of his Whisky Bible, considered the world’s leading whisky guide, Murray delights in Ardbeg An Oa. He describes its nose as “Ardbeg at its driest and most sooty”. The whisky’s taste is “sublimely textured with an immediate roll call of sugars”, he says, adding: “The transformation from the delicate, molassed sugars into a softer vanilla is… effortless and easy. It is also beautifully delicious… I’d never say ‘whoa’ if someone poured me An Oa…”

Ardbeg An Oa is available to buy for £52.00. Click here to buy

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Ardbeg Heavy Vapours

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours is a limited-edition single malt Scotch whisky produced by the renowned Ardbeg Distillery located on the Isle of Islay in Scotland. Known for its bold and peaty flavor profile, Ardbeg Heavy Vapours takes the intensity to new heights. This expression is characterized by its rich, smoky aromas that envelop the senses, leaving a lingering impression of the distillery’s signature peat smoke.

The name “Heavy Vapours” perfectly captures the essence of this exceptional whisky. As you pour a dram, the room fills with a dense fog of earthy, maritime smoke, transporting you to the rugged shores of Islay. The aroma is potent and robust, offering an intriguing mix of brine, bonfire smoke, and charred oak. It is a sensory experience that whisky enthusiasts crave, appealing to those who appreciate the complex and intense flavors that Ardbeg is known for.

On the palate, Ardbeg Heavy Vapours delivers an explosion of smoky goodness. The peat takes center stage, delivering a powerful punch of smoldering peat smoke that coats the tongue. Alongside the smoke, notes of dark chocolate, espresso, and a hint of briny sea salt add depth and complexity to the whisky. The finish is long and warming, leaving a trail of ash and lingering peat smoke that lingers on the palate.

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours is a whisky that embraces the essence of Islay and showcases the craftsmanship of the Ardbeg Distillery. It is a bold and intense expression, appealing to those who seek a robust and smoky whisky experience. Whether enjoyed neat or with a few drops of water, this limited-edition release is a testament to the distillery’s commitment to producing exceptional peated Scotch whiskies that captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

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Benromach release exclusive new whisky to celebrate!

Benromach 20th Anniversary

Benromach have celebrated 20 years since re-opening the Speyside Distillery with the release of a limited edition of just 3,000 bottles. The Benromach 20th Anniversary whisky is made from spirit distilled in 1998, when the distilley re-opened after laying shut for fifteen years.

It has been matured in first fill oak casks and left to mature for 20 years in Benromach’s tradional dunnage warehouse.

Nose: Fruit cake, demerara sugar, citrus fruits and dark chocolate.

Palate: Orange zest, stewed fruits, ginger, toffee and liquorice.

Finish: Charred oak, subtle spice and a light touch of smoke.
Buy Benromach 20th Anniversary Whisky now at WhiskyFix.com

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Best International Whiskies

It’s never been a more exciting time to be a whisky drinker. For anyone just discovering this wonderful spirit, you’re in for a genuine treat because there’s no shortage of quality statements.
We have selected, among many whisky brands that have been pleasing lovers of the spirit for years comes a new influx of distilleries making subtle differences to switch things up. These brands are introducing unique flavour profiles, and unusual ageing methods.  There really is something for everyone.

Whiskies of the world have been qualified based on the below features
Sight: Color. Visual Appeal
Nose: Intensity and Complexity. Distinctiveness of Aromas .  Balance of Aromas.
Taste/Mouth Feel: Palate and Balance.  Alcohol, Body and Complexity.  Distinctiveness of Flavours. Balance Between Flavours.
Finish: Length and Finish. Quality of Finish.

Here are top selected whiskies of the world you can enjoy the festive season with old pals and family

This 103 proof Blanton’s Gold is very limited, but a favorite among discerning bourbon aficionados. This bourbon consistently delivers excellent balance and character, on par with the world’s finest whiskey. Each bottle comes individually numbered.

In pursuit of an authentically American single malt whiskey, Westland bring their signature five-malt barley bill together with new American oak casks—two things practically unheard of in the old world. This combination produces a dramatically different whiskey  from what is now commonplace and expected in the single malt category. But just as traditional styles of single malt from Scotland emerged as a reflection of regions such as Islay and Speyside, so too does their American Oak stay true to the provenance of their Pacific Northwest home.

The original 12 year old whisky from Japan’s oldest distillery.

Nose: Tropical fruits, almonds, heather and ginger.

Palate: Sweet with citrus fruits, wood spice and vanilla.

Finish: Medium length with orange peel.

A powerful, rich yet elegant cask strength blended whisky from Nikka. One of the best blended whiskies available anywhere in the world in our humble opinion.

Nose: Rich and spicy with hints of rose, oak and citrus fruits.

Palate: Lots of caramel, vanilla, tablet, cinnamon and pepper.

Finish: Long and spicy.

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