• December / 13 / 2018

1981 Karuizawa Release

An ultra rare Karuizawa that has just been released in December 2018. Distilled in 1981 and bottled in 2017 from a single sherry cask. Only very few bottles of this whisky have been made available to retail, meaning this is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire such a coveted bottle of whisky.

Karuizawa Japanese whisky ranks alongside Macallan as the most desirable whisky for collectors and drinkers alike. What sets Karuizawa apart, is the fact it was Japan’s smallest distillery until its destruction in the year 2000. Famed for it’s high quality sherry cask matured whisky, there are very few bottles remaing on the open market.

This bottling of 35 year old Karuizawa from a single sherry cask (#6183) is likely one of the last bottlings to hit the open market. The cask itself was acquired by a private collector and shared amongst friends before relinquishing the last remaining bottles to Scottish retail.

Only 486 bottles of this Karuizawa have been produced.

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